Smokewood BBQ has been in business since 2010 when its’ food was first served from a bus by the Balfour ferry.   It was created by a man who cared about serving up great southern barbecue food.  Trained by Myron Mixon of the TLC’s tv show, BBQ Pitmasters, the restaurant’s original owner developed his own recipes to serve authentic southern USA BBQ right here in the Kootenays.

The taste was a hit with the community.  When a local man came upon this great food served fast, he loved it!  After partnering up, the two owners moved the business to Lake Street in Nelson the following year.  The food was welcomed in its new location and business continued to grow.

In 2013, the men decided to pursue new opportunities and put the business up for sale.  After tasting the food and investigating the business, we knew this was our new venture to move to the Kootenays permanently.  Having been tourists in Nelson for over a decade of changing seasons, we envisioned it as our retirement home but decided to move sooner than later.  In May of that year, we took over ownership and management of the restaurant.

We moved to our current location at the corner of Kootenay & Victoria in July in order to serve our customers better.  Since the move, Smokewood BBQ continues to serve a large number of take out orders and the dine in crowd has expanded to include families and groups because of the larger space.  People are even coming in now as a result of the smell they follow from Baker Street to the restaurant!

Our goal is to keep producing great authentic southern BBQ food that keeps customers coming back.


Owners Mark and Joan.